Home-made Ointments

Chickweed ointment is used for a range of skin conditions especially if there is itching involved.

Anti-Fungal Anti-Mite cream is very effective in treating any insect bite.  I have used it to treat both fungal conditions and ear mites with great success.

Comfrey ointment is a marvellous healing ointment for all sorts of wounds and injuries.  It has an extremely fast healing action.

I make all of the ointments using natural oils and herbals, so they are safe to use on tiny animals.


  • Chickweed ointment for itchy skin conditions
    • large $15
    • small $8
  • Anti-Fungal Anti-Mite cream
    • large $14
    • small $8
  • Comfrey ointment for wounds
    • large $19.95
    • small $12

Papaya Ointment

at present the only papaya ointment I have in stock is Little Bird 15g organic and petrochemical free $4.00


Great for preventing sore cloaca’s on joeys with diarrhoea.  This product is petrochemical free.

Pure Ointment

  • Papaya Ointment 25g – $7