Nutritional Supplements

Bentonite Clay

bentonite clay

Bentonite Clay

200g $10

100g $5


Selenium drops and Vitamin E


Selenium Drops

Selenium drops 50ml $24

Selenium drops and Vitamin E are used together to prevent myopathy.  They are both water miscible products meaning that they dissolve in water or milk formula and are easily absorbed.  An example dose rate for a 1kg wallaby would be 3 drops Vitamin E and 1 drop Selenium once daily for 3 days following a stressful incident.

Micel E

  • Micel E Natural Vitamin E liquid supplement 50ml – $28.95


SB Probiotic

SB Probiotic

Contains the highly stable probiotic Saccharomyces Boulardi, which helps promote beneficial bacteria and enhance healthy gut flora.  It does not need refrigeration.

  • Helps relieve gas, bloating and abdominal distention
  • Helps promote healthy bowel function and helps relieve diarrhoea
  • Enhances and promotes healthy digestive function
  • Crowds out unhealthy bacteria in the gut

It is useful for conditions such as Thrush as it allows the good bacteria to re-colonise the digestive tract.


SB capsules

SB Floractiv 60 capsules – $36.00 or buy a 10 capsule foil pack for $3.60


Slippery Elm Powder

slippery elm powder

Slippery Elm Powder

50g $7.50

100g $15




Activated Charcoal 100% steam activated coconut shells

May be useful for the following

  • improving kidney function by removing toxins
  • treating diarrhoea as it removes bacteria and other toxins from the gut; also used in cases of suspected poisoning
  • treating colic by removing gas from the gut



  • Vegetable Charcoal (activated) 50g $5   25g $3.50

Hand Sanitisers

 Natrasan Instant Hand Sanitiser

Natrasan hand sanitiser

Instant Hand Sanitiser

Available in two different spray types.  Chamomile and Apple Blossom or Aloe Vera & Cucumber

Handy to have in your rescue kit or keep nearby at feeding and toileting time

Guaranteed not to dry out your hands

On Special for the next month for $4.95

Quest Natural Hand Sanitiser

$5 for 50ml

Not tested on animals

  • DSCN7224
      Natural Hand Sanitiser, not tested on animals



natural anti-inflammatory

Available in both tablet and a topical cream.  It is an excellent product for treating any soft tissue injury in animals.  Great for use on small pinkies who present with bruising or other soft tissue injury.  Useful for sprains in all animals and any part of the body that has suffered trauma. Also useful to retard membrane breakdown from injury to Flying-fox wings.


  • Traumeel 50 tablets – $25.60
  • Traumeel 50g topical cream – $29.00