Supplies in 2021

When covid began I had increasing difficulty in sourcing stock

the bad news is that several items are out of stock until further notice

these include

glass syringes

digital scales and thermometers

When these items come back into stock I will post them back on the website and my facebook page

I still have glass bottles and plenty of teats in both silicone and latex

the stainless steel moulds are not available either as I split up with my husband who used to make them

the best way to order is to e-mail me at anmacropod@bigpondcom

or call me on 0498622948

2020 was a busy year for me as I moved house and that meant also moving my business

I’m now living on a community in Blue Knob which is near Nimbin in NSW

living completely off grid in the rainforest and endeavoring to grow most of my own food

living off grid has its challenges especially when there are days of rain and not much power is generated

my new home in the rainforest

In the past few months I have raised 4 Flying-fox pups who all went off to creche this week

Harmony a Grey-headed Flying-fox who came into care when her mother was attacked by a dog

I send teats all over the world where they are used to feed a variety of animals

this is a picture of an Ant-eater that was rejected by its mother and is being raised at a zoo

there are successfully feeding it using a T-1 latex teat

Ant Eater using a T-1 Latex teat

Making teats has its own challenges

you cannot make latex teats if it is raining or very humid as they do not dry

if it is too hot the latex drips off the moulds leaving rivulets

the silicone needs to be used when it is cool or it sets too quickly

when you order you may end up with some freebies of imperfect teats that did not make the grade

wishing you all a happy and healthy 2021