The Wildlife Teat Moulds that are currently available

Possum Teat Moulds At Half Price

were $20

Now $10 but stocks limited


P1 Stainless Steel Teat Moulds available at half price for limited time

Sorting out some teat moulds for sale

Hello fellow Wildlife Carers

I hope you are having a great Easter

Once again I apologise for the delay in availability of our stainless steel teat moulds

We relocated from QLD to NSW at the end of May 2017 and have not had a shed to work in since then.  The building of our new shed is now complete.  The electrician has completed all the electrical installations as of yesterday and we can finally fit out the shed and get back in production.  Thank you all for your patience during this long wait.

Shed completed March 2018

Shed completed March 2018


I have been sorting through my teat moulds as we are almost ready to get back into production of our stainless steel moulds

Our moulds have evolved over the years and designs have changed as we have made adjustments and improvements.  Consequently we have some odd sized moulds that are available for sale.  These P1 moulds are for making teats to feed small Possums.  I am selling them as the body of the mould is a little shorter that the bulk of the moulds we now have in stock and we need to keep everything uniform




Be Quick – Place your order NOW or miss out

There are a limited number available at this bargain price of just $10 each.  If you want them please call me on 02 66888197 or e-mail me at and let me know how many you want. There are 15 in stock

Possum Teats

P1 Teat in silicon on far left.


The P1 teat on the far left of the picture shows how this teat fits on a 25ml or 15ml glass bottle.  Our new moulds now have a longer body but the nipple size is still the same.


We have some syringe teat moulds for sale in small numbers.  There are 7 of each size featured in the photos below.  Cost $5 each.

Be quick as these won’t last long



It is always useful to have some tiny teats in your kit as they useful for feeding a variety of small animals including Bush Rats, Gliders  and Bandicoots.

I can remember an incident about 18 years ago before I started making teats.  I had a small furless Wallaby come into care.  As I was very inexperienced I arranged through my coordinator to pass the animal on the next day to an experienced carer.  I only had one tiny teat that was suitable for this small animal.  Unfortunately I dropped it on the floor and it must have fallen through the cracks between the floorboards as it completely disappeared.  I had to adapt a much larger teat to give the tiny one some hydration fluids.  After that episode I vowed to always have plenty of teats in my animal kit bag.  Shortly after that I began making my own teats and the business slowly grew by word of mouth.  Today I send the wildlife teats I make all over the world.

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